Save Baton Rouge’s HIV Clinics!

Baton Rouge is in a state of crisis. Despite having the highest HIV & AIDS rates in the nation, Mayor Sharon Broome’s office recently defunded a respected HIV medical provider caring for over 30% of Baton Rouge’s HIV/AIDS patients.The people of Baton Rouge deserve to have leaders that are committed to the health and well-being of the entire community.

Call Mayor-President Sharon Broome at (225) 389-3100 and demand that she value people over politics, and becomes a leader in combating Baton Rouge’s HIV crisis. Call now to demand that she reinstate all HIV funds immediately. 

Use the sample call script below when you call the mayor’s office to let them know that you want HIV funding fully restored!

Hello, my name is (state your name), and I am calling to express my concern on the Mayor’s recent funding cuts to HIV service providers in Baton Rouge. As a concerned citizen of this community, and learning of Baton Rouges increased number of new HIV cases, I would ask Mayor Broome to take leadership and address this crisis by restoring HIV funding and fund all agencies that are providing HIV prevention and care.